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Bastion – good RPG game

Bastion game is a special RPG game. Why I am saying that it is special? Well, you will find all about it right in this article.

First of all, this game has a particular story. I can’t say it’s impressive, but it is special in its own way. This game has an artistic side that combines the two dimensional world with a graphic that will remind you of cartoons - see real information.

This game has brought an interesting approach. During the whole game, the main character is followed by a voice that criticizes every action of the character, but in a fun and also dark way. This is a super achievement and a great idea of the producers from Supergiant Games.

Bastion is a simple game. You will have a simple tree skill, not a complex one like a classic RPG, let’s say Diablo, Torchligh or Titan Quest. You level up like in every other RPG game, but you don’t have limitation regarding what types of weapons you want to use or how to personalize your own character - click for top details.

The main objective of the game is to rebuild Bastion, the element that actually assures the balance in the game. This thing is possible by gathering cores and shard that are spread all over the world. You will have to collect all kind of items, to discover clues in order to accomplish your mission.  At some point the things may seem to repeat, but hold on there because after that great things will happen.

Bastion has a couple of hours of playing and despite the fact that critics state the fact that this isn’t a game worthy to be called RPG, it is a very good game - gain free access.

Yes, of course, this game is a little bit different from regular RPG games, but let me ask you a something: isn’t that the point of games? To surprise you, to always bring you new things, things that you don’t expect?

I personally think that this is a great game mainly because it accomplishes its purpose: it is fun, it has a good story and it manages to give me some good moments of fun after a hard day. And that’s the way a good game should be.

Post by jeffreymarco (2016-05-31 15:52)

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